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XDS-5B Inverted Fluosrecence Microscope

XDS-5B laboratory inverted biological fluorescent research level microscope Excellent optical performance. Compact mechanical structure. Ingenious human body engineering design, can support multi-disciplinary research applications. It can choose special fluorescence fittings and high quality fluorescence optical lens. Image high brightness, high contrast fluorescence. It can be mounted to a variety of electric components, digital parts, easily finish all kinds of advanced control, get a clear image.

XDS-6C Laser Confocal Microscope

MIC TECH XDS-6C LASER CONFOCAL INVERTED FLUORSECENT MICROSCOPE Signal detection With MIC TECH’s excellent microscope optical system, high efficiency scanning head, detector and stepless speed change electric pinhole, this microscope offers fast, stable and high SNR confocal image. Multi channel signal detection Integrated with four light sources and detectors (405nm,488nm,561nm,640nm) and four fluorescence light combination technology, a real-time&multi-channel combination microscope image observation and capture are obtained.

WF10X biological microscope eyepiece

WF10X biological microscope eyepiece interface diameter 23.2mm

Aspherical lens for optical application

MIC TECH offers high precision aspheric surface (1/50λ RMS, λ is 12nm) is hard to meet the requirements of many application scenarios (such as laser communication, X-ray focused imaging, etc.), and the market is in urgent need of ultra-high precision aspheric surfaces (such as less than 1/100λ RMS, λ is 632nm). Through the process optimization, magnetorheological parameter compensation and other processing methods, assisted by high-precision interference detection and distortion correction technology, the development of ultra-high precision aspheric mirror less than 1/100λ RMS is stably achieved, and the maximum reaches 1/128λ RMS, quickly gain recognition from high-end users.